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🃏 BEESNESS! A beesource management card game to avoid beesaster 🐝 💸 💀


A game about capitalist bees!

You play as the CEO of a strange hive, where bees do business like humans.

Your mandate is to maximise honey profits, no matter what.

Will you manage to grow your beesness and outperform your competitors, while avoiding environmental beesaster?

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What's included?

🖨✂️ Two printable pdf files with rules, cards and trackers.

What else will I need to play?

🎲 One die and a few counters for the flower components: I've been using dried beans and borrowed pieces from other games for these.

Not required but I would recommend getting some playing card sleeves for the bee cards. This is because the game relies on people keeping their bee cards secret until they reveal them all at the same time, so using the sleeves can ensure you don't show your cards even when they're face-down.

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Two printable PDF files with
rules, cards and trackers
Not included but required to play
one die and some coloured tokens
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🃏 BEESNESS! A beesource management card game to avoid beesaster 🐝 💸 💀

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