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🃏 CO-OPLE! A cooperative card game to explore your relationship


We believe that games can be more than just-for-fun entertainment. We want this to be more than a standard card game. In fact, think of it as a tool for you and your partner to playfully explore the boundaries of your relationship. It’s about overcoming challenges together, looking for a balance between what unites you and what makes you unique.

This is a cooperative game 

You either win or lose together. Cards are split between two stacks: Together and Apart. You win if you reach the bottom of Together before Apart runs out of cards. In the opposite case, you lose.

This is not a party game

It may trigger unsettling feelings and intense memories. Be compassionate with yourself and your partner. It’s ok to pause and seek help, if the emotions become overwhelming. But don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to break you down. We hope this game sparks deep conversations. If you’re willing to open up to your partner, there’s so much beauty for you to feel and experience together. Crumbling the walls that separate you and building on your strengths. We’d be happy if this game could play even a tiny role in your life-long process of learning to love and accept each other.

What's included?

🖨✂️ Two printable pdf files with rules and cards.

What else will I need to play?

Nothing else, materially speaking :)

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Two printable PDF files with
cards and rules
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🃏 CO-OPLE! A cooperative card game to explore your relationship

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